Tamer Ezzat: Director/ Producer

 A brief biography 2013

 Ezzat originally graduated as a Physics & Electronics Major at the American University in Cairo in 1994. But soon he turned his attention to the making of films and worked as a film editor, where he edited films for famed directors such as Yousef Chahine (Silence, we’re rolling) & Yousry Nasrallah (The City – Boys, Girls & the veil).  After that, he moved to TV commercials as a producer/assistant director; until 2001, when he received a Fulbright grant to study at the Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) at New York University, earning a Certificate in Digital Special Effects. At the same time, he pursued a diploma in film directing at the New York Film Academy (NYFA.)

His award winning short film “The Decision,” was to be the main product of his time in New York. But following the events of September 11, 2001, he shifted his attention to a documentary about Egyptians living in the city titled “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright!”.  After being screened in New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Minneapolis, as well as in Cairo, Beirut and Amsterdam, his doc won the prestigious State Encouragement Award in 2004.

Since returning to his native Cairo in 2002, Ezzat has directed and produced documentaries for regional networks, co-directed the first Egyptian sitcom titled “Ahmed got married to Mona”. His film “The Place I Call Home” was officially selected in more than 13 festivals, received 4 awards and was dubbed as ‘Unforgettable’ in Egyptian newspapers. In Addition, Tamer Ezzat wrote his directorial debut, “The Ring Road,” which premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival 2010. Ezzat’s latest documentary ‘Tahrir 2011’, about the Egyptian revolution, premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and a dozen other major festivals around the world. It was also the first Egyptian documentary to be theatrically released in Egypt. In 2012, Ezzat finished directing the reality series “Where are we going?” The show aired on Alhurra TV and Alhayat TV.


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