Where Are We Going? (2012)

 رايحين على فين؟

Rayheen ala Feen?

showlogoGenre: Reality TV

Episodes: 13 x 52min.

Directed by: Tamer Ezzat

Executive Producer: Fran Mires (Al-Hurra TV)

Senior Producer: Driss Sekkat (Al-Hurra TV)

Producer: Mohamed Hefzy (Film Clinic)


Rayheen ala Feen? follows the lives of Islam, Mario, Sondos, Zoghby and Hanan as they come to terms with the Revolution and where Egypt is heading in the future. They each represent different religious, political and socio-economic perspectives. The program highlights their individuality; as well as their interactions with one another. Humorous, dramatic and poignant, Rayheen ala Feen? tells the stories of these young Egyptians as they go through their everyday lives, so that viewers can know where are they going.


essam zakareya article

PROMO Episode 02


Complete Episode 2


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