The Ring Road (2010)

THE RING ROAD    2010     فيلم الطريق الدائري

Duration: 90 min.

Cairo International Film Festival 2010
San Francisco Arab Film Festival 2011

58070_465951961532_1656347_nWritten and directed by: Tamer Ezzat
Producer: Ihab Ayoub
Cinematpgrapher: Sherif Helal
Music: Tamer Karawan

Nedal El_Shafei
Phaedra El-Msri
Samia Asaad
Abdel Aziz Makhyoun
Sayed Ragab
Hamdy Heykal
Ramadan Khater

In a country where corruption has reached epidemic levels, an investigative journalist tries to reveal the corruption of a medical mogul whose corruption caused the death of dozens without blame. Essam has a daughter who has kidney failure and has been affected by the filters made by this mogul’s factory. On another front, Essam is in a stale marriage caused by the daughter’s sickness and finds himself lured by an attractive seductress. Things become more complicated when the daughter’s sickness becomes fatal and he can’t cover the expenses of the transplant. Essam is faced with a deep moral question. should he become corrupt himself in order to save his daughter’s life? and how can he save his marriage and reputation along the way?


The Ring Road – Full Movie


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